Sunday, November 30, 2008

It is finished.

Unbutton your pants, pop an antacid and unpack the Christmas lights. Yes, in the blink of an eye, my favorite holiday has come and gone once again. Christmas is wonderful, Halloween is loads of fun, Easter is great, but Thanksgiving is, and will always be, my fave.

There are no presents, it's not overly commercialized, it's just a day to pause and give thanks for our many, many blessings.
It makes me mad when I see people skip over this great holiday too. I walked into Pier One back in October to be greeted by ornaments, trees and twinkling lights. Jeez! I love Christmas as much as the next gal, but respect the turkey folks!

This year we had a lot to be thankful for and we had two opportunities to celebrate little C's first Turkey Day with both my family and Mr. C's. Two celebrations stretched into three days of family, fellowship, fun, football and of course wonderful food. I was in heaven!

We ate WAY too much and got a chance to catch up on DVR recordings and some much needed sleep. All-in-all it was the perfect week/end (with one exception involving the BCS rankings...), and as sad as I am to see my favorite holiday finished, its passing means Carter's first Christmas is right around the corner!

With a mouthful of food and a naked baby in the high chair, we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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