Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halfway there!

Carter turned 6 months old yesterday! It's such a cliche thing to say, but the time has just flown by! It's so hard to believe he's already halfway through his first year. When I stop to think about what all he has learned to do in 6 months, it's just incredible. I mean 6 months ago he couldn't lift his head, let alone his body, now check out just how well he gets himself from point A to B!

He's also rocking the solid foods. We've worked our way through several orange/yellow veggies, and he's really enjoyed everything so far except avocado - go figure, he was practically raised on guacamole while he was in the womb!

Pumpkin - yum!

Avocado - yuck!?!

The lip lock (nothing gets past it!)

So to celebrate his 1/2 birthday I made him bananas for the first time, and instead of pureeing them, I mashed them with a little water so he could explore a little different texture as well as taste. He seemed to like's the video:

And add one more food to the list of solids he's eating - icing! Daddy had to work late, but we tried to get one picture with his cake before bed and Carter used the photo op to grab a fistful of icing and shove it in his mouth! It was hilarious! Too bad that was the exact moment my camera battery died!!! So frustrating! I told Stephen to freeze while I scrambled around to charge the battery. Here's a picture from a few minutes just doesn't do the moment justice because he had already sucked most of the icing off his hand and face, but I'm glad we captured the memory anyway. :)


Allison said...

I like the "1/2" cake :) cute!

Kristen said...

It was great to see yall last Sunday, although it was just too hectic to get much quality time with him. That's why it's been so fun to watch him on your blog! And I really felt for yall ... it's just hard to travel with a baby no matter what. We enjoyed our little sneezing game on the bed with him though!