Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

It's May?!?!  Where did April go??  Ok, let's play catch up.  Easter with the little guys was low key (theme around here) and fun.  Jack really got into Easter eggs once he figured out they had treats inside and Carter was all over those plastic eggs like white on rice.

We started the day by digging through the Easter loot, then celebrated with our Church family and then headed to LJ for a fun afternoon/evening with my parents.  The boys had some good clean dirty fun and wound up needing baths before we could head home.  Not wanting to put them back into their dirty play clothes, we were faced with taking them home in the buff, or waiting an hour while Grammy R laundered the offending textiles.  As luck would have it, we didn't have to do either.  My mom found these two old shirts that had been my brother's when he was little that said "My Granddad was a Paratrooper"  It was awesome.  My Granddad's paratrooper story is one that deserves it's own blog post, but just know, it was way cool that she had them still, that she happened to have two different sized AND that both sizes fit the boys perfectly.  Of course we had to get a picture (or 12).

So here's the day, Easter 2011, in photo form.

Like a hole in my head

I need another DIY project like I need a hole in my head, but seriously, how cute is this little wreath??  Last minute mother's day idea??  Maybe! :)  (Moms, hope you are not reading this!)  
Isn't it darling?  Project is courtesy of and you can see this image in a full page (printable) layout in the new (and completely FREE) e-zine at  (if you haven't checked out their blog yet, wait until nap'll need at least an hour).