Monday, October 27, 2008


So I've been taking several videos this month trying to capture the elusive crawl on film (with no success), but I thought the grandparents might enjoy a few of the out-takes.

Not Crawling - Take 1

Not Crawling - Take 2 (he was more in a chewing mood than a crawling mood - he even tries to eat the camera at the end)

Not Crawling - Take 3

Not Crawling - Take 4 (he sort of crawled in this one - I got excited at first, but when I saw the re-play, I realized it wasn't the real deal.)

And here's one we took just for fun...I sneezed one night while I was getting him ready for bed and he just thought that was hilarious, so of course I kept doing it :) I love his laugh...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Fall Y'al!

After years of seeing adorable pictures like these from friends and family that visited a pumpkin patch with their little ones, I decided that there was no time like the present to start our own fall family tradition. So yesterday we loaded up the munchkin and headed out to the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm pumpkin patch.

I was so excited when we pulled up - the parking lot was full of little kids hauling their wagons full of pumpkins to the car. The patch itself had hayrides and slides and a 'petting zoo' (two goats). There were piles of pumpkins everywhere - the day was going to be great!! Then we got out of the car and reached for the diaper bag....only there was no diaper bag...which meant there was no back into the car we got. The 20 minute ride home quickly turned into a "I thought YOU had gotten it" argument. Aw, the sounds of a fun-filled family day....

Anyway, we got home, got the diaper bag and got back to the pumpkin patch where it was now 100 degrees (I just love TX fall weather), and joined the 175 other parents trying to capture cute pictures of their kids when we noticed the stain creeping up the back of Carter's onesie...

Oh my gosh, did we had the blow out of all blow outs! Back out to the car we went, and it was good thing we now had the diaper bag!! I won't go into the details because every mom has been there, but of course the day he's in a onesie that has to come up over his head is the day this kind of thing happens. At least I had a full-sized container of wipes in the car because the travel pack just would not have cut it yesterday...he got a head to toe wipe down before the new clothes went on.

15 minutes later, he was cleaned up, changed and we were ready for a third try...

We actually had fun getting some very cute shots. Then we loaded up a wagon with our own loot of pumpkins and an hour later, we were finished. Stephen even let me stop by a friend's antique store to buy a few things I had been eyeing for our dining room before we headed home for the UT vs. OSU Football game and...well, let's just say that despite the mis-haps, it turned out to be the perfect fall day after all :)

The money shot

Pumpkins :)

Yes, we were those parents.

The boys rooting Texas on to victory

The perfect 'end' to a perfect day

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

And we're crawling!

Seriously!?!?!?! YES, Seriously! His monthly birthday's have always held little surprises for us. On all five of them now, he's pulled some trick out of his hat on the day-of as if to say, "ok, it's time for something new."

He's been getting up on all fours for about two weeks now, but this morning he took his first TWO 'steps' then went back onto his tummy. Of course (as always) we were unable to capture it on film, but here's a video from about two weeks ago of the first time we caught him getting up on all fours. I'll admit, the video is definitely not a lesson in safe changing table practices, but we threw caution to the wind for a minute to capture the very cool moment.

Ok, now I've got to go child proof the house.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So it wasn't laryngitis, or even reflux...well not directly anyway. According to the ear nose and throat doctor he saw today, he is hoarse because of mild laryngomalacia (yea, say that ten times fast). Because I had never heard of such a thing before today, I won't even try to explain what it is. If you are really bored, you can read a little more about it online.

Bottom line, it's probably been what we've been mistaking as sinus congestion since he was born and it's what causes him to go hoarse after crying for only a few minutes. It's aggravated by reflux which the doctor did confirm he has and that it was indeed irritating his vocal chords (surprise, surprise). It's also aggravated by illness, stress and vocal exertion. So either the stress of traveling, a virus or reflux (or all of the above) likely caused the hoarseness which could persist for as long as a year.

He'll out grow all of this by the time he's about a year to 18 mo. and in the mean time, we have to 'make sure' he sleeps on his stomach (yea, like we could keep him off his tummy if I tried!) and to keep him from crying excessively. So no Ferberizing or any other meathod of 'crying it out' for our little guy - doctors orders. Oh well, I wasn't really all that amped to try either of those anyway.

Above are the pictures of his vocal chords that took two nurses, a doctor and a very unhappy momma holding him down to get.

Poor little guy sleeping it off right now and I hate that I put him through it. Don't get me wrong, I'm relieved it's nothing serious, but it's so frustrating to have to watch your child go through something like that just for a "he'll grow out of it" diagnosis.