Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun with Photo Booth

Carter and I had fun playing around with the photo booth application the other day while Jack was napping.  In addition to the traditional photo booth style photos you can choose all sorts of backgrounds and effects and what not, but one of the most fun features is the video.  It's not the highest quality, and if you run too long, the sound and picture get off, but seeing yourself while the camera is rolling is the height of instant gratification for a toddler!!  

Friday, August 13, 2010

May 2010.

Note:  This is a really old post that never was published due to the craziness surrounding the month, but I wanted to get it up for that blog2print book I am going to do *someday*.

This month has been crazy. A month of high highs and low lows for sure. We celebrated Carter's second birthday, with a pancakes n pj's themed party (post to come) followed by a little family celebration on his actual birthday. It was a wonderful day, so joyful and heartwarming and nostalgic for us as parents, but we got some very sad news that same week about Stephen's beloved Grandma.  She passed away the morning before Carter's birthday, and the loss hit us all very hard.  She was direct and sharp and warm and loving all at the same time.  I can say that she was one of those incredibly strong and amazing women that left a lasting impression on every life she touched, and mine was no exception.

Stephen's surprise 30th birthday party was planned for the weekend following the funeral services, in conjunction with a college friend's wedding, and we opted to keep to the plan even though it meant two trips to Austin in the span on a few days.  It worked out really well, and I was just reminded once again what an amazing man I married along with what an amazing family I married into.  The weekend couldn't have happened without the help of my in-laws and my parents, but it was such a success thanks to Stephen's friends and family and we totally caught Stephen off guard!  He was super surprised, to say the least, and it was just a wonderful party even though the celebration was a tiny bit bitter-sweet, all things considered.

Then, we had the absolute joy and pleasure of ending the month on an amazingly sweet note, when my sister-in-law married her prince charming exactly one year to the day after they were engaged.  It was a hot summer day, and to say Carter was not on his best behavior is the understatement of the century, but we survived and the bride and groom were picture perfect and so in love.  You can see a few of their absolutely amazing wedding pictures here.  

And last but not least (and I can add this part now that the news is public!),  we found out there will be another little baby joining the family in January!!  Stephen's older sister and brother-in-law let us know they were expecting baby #3 during family time together at the funeral, and it was just a reminder that life goes on, and the sad times make the happy times just that much sweeter.

All-in-all it was a month of so much joy, and even though Grandma's passing was and is a tremendous loss, it is a celebration in its own right because she is at last in paradise.

6, then 7, now almost 8 months!

So, Jack has apparently not stopped growing despite my lack of recording his monthly milestones, which means I have some catching up to do!

6 months  -  I am honestly already foggy on any major 6 month milestones (shameful, I know), but I am noticing from pictures, that somewhere between 6 and 7 months we stopped swaddling him.  That was a big step!

7 months - He sat up for the first time ON his seven month birthday.  He is still a little wobbly, though :)  Bath time became a big hit once he could sit up, as he LOVES splashing.

With 8 months around the corner, I can say we've definitely seen some of the biggest changes in the last month.  Jack has gotten onto a pretty set routine of 3 naps a day, and he's eating more and more solid food at feedings.  We are still working up to 2oz, but he also really loves teething biscuits and mum mums.  We avoid cereals like the plague because as it is, his little digestive system moves VERY slowly.  He's definitely 'talking' more, but still just a lot of 'ahhh' sounds with the occasional raspberry thrown in :)  He loves kisses and hugs and people to smile at him.  He is SUCH a flirt...he'll smile and giggle at all the ladies he sees when we are out.  He's a ladies man for sure.

Red White and Blueberries

Fantastic low key fourth of July weekend. Saturday we made a whole event out of our trip to the apple store to pick up our new computer!! The purchase was over a year in the making, so a little celebratory Starbucks and Cinnabon was definitely in order along with a little playtime at the mall's indoor playground to keep the two year old from self-imploding after an hour in the stroller.

Sunday we had the pleasure of enjoying the baptism of Jack's future wife (yes, I believe fully in arranged marriages now that I am a parent). Then my dad came over and we grilled some hot dogs and set off a few fireworks. I discovered I am a bit of pyromaniac. Not overly surprising to anyone that knows me, I'm sure.

Monday was equally fantastic. We slept in a little, then took a trip out to Moorhead Blueberry Farm. It was AMAZING. Definitely check this place out if you are in the Houston area! It was exactly what you picture a pick-your-own blueberry farm to be...quaint, picturesque, oh and did I mention it's FREE to go?? Absolutely no admission cost, and the delicious, organic blueberries are all $1.50 a pound! They also do not discourage 'sampling' and welcome kids of all ages...translation: when your two year old eats more blueberries than they pick, you won't getting anything but a beaming smile from the owners.

Word power

Carter's first (correctly pronounced) two syllable word was cookie.
First three syllable word:  Banana
First four syllable word:  Galileo (thank you baby einstein)
First five syllable word....drum roll please......CONGRATULATIONS!  As in 'congratulations to Aunt Bethany and Uncle Joe'  (yea, I know we're a little late, but I swear, we've been working on it since before your wedding!)  So a belated congratulations to the newly weds!  

Working on a video to add soon, promise :)

In other news, I enjoyed a wonderful getaway weekend trip to Dallas where I met up with friends to relax, dine and lounge poolside at the fabulous Casa de Riddell and it was here that I witnessed the adorable Miss Reeses Pieces bang out the 'may I's' like nobody's business.  Seeing another toddler capable of such politeness, I decided it was time to hold Carter to a higher standard with the manner words.  I can say that he is now totally able to get anything he wants from me with his, "May I have name it,...puhlease mommy?? (insert adorable smile to melt your heart and seal the deal)." He even managed to sweet talk me into letting him have oatmeal AND yogurt on the morning that the realtor was coming to photograph the house.  (half an hour later, I am scrubbing gunk off the wall as the realtor is ringing the doorbell).  So there you have it, I am a gigantic sucker victim of my own success :)