Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me

I recently started following a site called Blog Around the World (fondly referred to as BATW). It's a fun blog site devoted solely to promoting other blog sites! I'm admittedly not a very good follower because I don't visit many of the sites the author features in her daily posts. Today's post and featured site were a different story, though.

I was so touched by Lynette's story and blog (Dancing Barefoot) I wanted to share it with all of you. Here's an excerpt from today's BATW post, Joy in Unbearable Loss :

"...Lynnette @ Dancing Barefoot is the mother of nine children. Yes, I said nine. But three of them are having a big ole party together in heaven right now. I cannot imagine the loss of one child let alone three. But through the most unimaginable pain a parent can experience, Lynette and her husband clung to their faith to get them through these dark times. Instead of rejecting God, they have grown closer and stronger with Him and each other. Their faith has deepened such that it is probably unshakable at this point. Very few people can say that because very few people have experienced what Lynnette and her family have experienced. I can tell you that she is a great witness to me personally and out of all this pain there is a sweetness about her that can only come from the Lord. She has just written a book that was released this past Tuesday, called In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me that takes the reader on her journey..."

I've not read Lynette's book, but I'm anxious to. As a new mother, my biggest fear is that something would happen to our precious son. I don't know that I could survive the pain of losing my child, and as a result I often find myself begging, pleading and bargaining with God not to test my faith in Him in that way. This story is an inspirational reminder to me that God is the author of all creation and that every child's life is a precious gift.

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