Monday, November 24, 2008

We've moved!

Correction, I've moved...I mean who are we kidding? My better half is about as interested in contributing to this little project of mine as he is following international soccer!

Anyway, for the sake of practicing a little web-safety I've tried to add some anonymity to the blog by removing our surname. With as many pictures and stories as I've posted, I'm sure if anyone REALLY wanted to stalk us they could; but because I know there are far more interesting people out there, I'm not going to edit any previous posts to remove names. Going forward, however, we'll just be a (Mrs. C/mama C), the mister (Mr. C/papa C/C-man), and of course the little one (little C-man/ baby C/ C-monster). You get the idea :)

With a new title, I decided I needed a new (and correctly spelled!) domain, so you can now find us here ( hope that doesn't throw everyone off too badly and destroy any 'following' I've created (LOL - yea right..I'm sure I can just call the three people that read this blog and let them know :)

The story behind the title? Well, it's kind of a throw back to a previous post I did (very late at night so forgive the melancholy/over dramatic tone) about what I want to be when I grow up. In a world where we are all about extreme living, pushing boundaries, and being the best, I feel that the beauty in living a simple life has become overshadowed by a universal desire to be 'special'. In reality, though, an average life IS a beautiful thing.

Bestselling author Michael Neill says it better that I ever could with the following story...
Have an Average Day

I encourage you to follow the link, but if you don't have time to read the article, the moral of the story is, enjoying the ordinary is extraordinary, and a series of seemingly average days can have a profound positive impact on the world.

So with that, I wish all of you an average day!


Leanne said...

Got it! Happy Thanksgiving to our favorite "C" family. We miss you guys.

The Riddells said...

you are such a beautiful writer, Gina. What an inspiring post! You should write a novel in all your freetime. But use spellcheck ;)