Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Santa,

Do you remember me? I came with my mom and dad to see you a few weeks ago at the mall...

You must remember me. I was such a good boy, I didn't cry at all even though I visited you after I had been at church for a whole hour! You will definitely remember my friend Caroline. She came with me and wore the prettiest Christmas dress you ever saw!

See, here's Caroline and her mommy...

I know we talked about a few things I needed for Christmas, but I had no idea you would visit early (or look so much like the Fed Ex guys!). I guess you must have known how badly I needed a proper place to eat because you brought me a much needed high chair just before Thanksgiving. It was so thoughtful of you to come early so that I would have a place to sit around the Thanksgiving table.

The high chair you brought is extra special too - it will grow with me for as long as I need a special place to sit/be restrained during dinner.

I must have been an extra good baby this year, or Mom must have told you how I've already started to outgrow my infant car seat, because you also brought me this fancy new convertible car seat.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presents and for coming early! I don't need another thing for Christmas, but if you (or someone you know of the grandparent variety) insists on getting me something else, Mom has been complaining to Dad that I'm outgrowing my pj's and could use some new zip-front footed pajamas in size 9 month/6-12 month.

Also, I'm pulling up like a big boy now!

Mom is sure I'm going to take off walking before my first birthday. A pair of soft soled shoes that stay put with velcro, like these pedipeds, would be a great help for when I am ready to take my first steps.

I also am always losing my socks. Mom just can't seem to keep them on my feet now that I've outgrown her favorite Faded Glory brand socks she bought me at Wal-Mart. I guess I'm ready for the same socks in 6-12 month sizes :)

I'm very excited about my first Christmas...or at least my mom and dad are very excited for me.

Hope you like chocolate chip cookies!

CSC (and Mommy)


Angie said...

How adorable! I'm so happy for you!

Bethany said...

Shameless, just shameless. :) But oh, so cute!!

We're just a small family of said...

LOL! C'mon - shameless?? No way! I mean "shameless" would be mentioning in a comment that I left out bumkins sleeved bibs and
the baby signing time vol. 1-2 DVD gift set!!

The Riddells said...

You crack me up Gina! I should have done this though instead of having to have 3 conversations with 3 moms about what Reese wants/needs for Christmas...