Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cat Commotion

Sorry for not posting the Easter & Bluebonnet pics yet - I've been temporarily unplugged. Had to send the computer to an IT guru for a little tlc and defragmenting. I'm currently on Mr. C's work laptop, and I must say it's nice to be laying in bed in my jammies while on the computer. I think we may have to look into this laptop thing a little more closely. Too bad we just got a nice computer desk for our flex room!

Anyway, a little back story on the cat drama. We have two cats, and one is a problem child. I didn't ever anticipate letting either of our cats out on a regular basis because I didn't want them tracking in dirt, but after a few choice 'accidents' he left us by the back door, I finally caved in (see: threw him out and didn't care what happened to him at that point I was so ticked off). We even installed a locking cat door to allow him to go in and out at his leisure in hopes we might be able to do away with a little box (no such luck....just the other morning he came in to use the potty to turn around and run right back outside. sigh.).

The cat door is heavy duty and has a nice locking feature on it with four in and out, closed in and out, only open out, and only open in. We usually just leave it open at all fact, when we were out of town for Easter, we left it open the whole weekend we were gone. Until now...

A few nights ago we woke up to a the horrific sounds of a cat fight IN OUR BEDROOM! I can not even begin to tell you how terrifying this is to wake up to. Freaking out, I screamed and pulled the covers over my head. Mr. C was a bit more useful. He immediately flipped on the lights and started looking for what happened. Our initial thought was a stray cat had gotten in because we had both heard a cat fight in the back yard about a month ago and run outside to see a dark cat taking off over the fence. Well, after searching high and low for almost an hour, we decided the cats must have been fighting with themselves and separated them, but locked the cat door 'just in case'.

Our problem child had an appointment with the vet the next day for his bi-annual haircut (fluffy cat goes in, a rat comes out). At the vet they noticed a cut on his back paw that was infected and gave him a shot of antibiotics and suggested we keep him in doors for a week or so until it healed. So we ruled to keep the cat door shut for a few more days.

Last night we woke up AGAIN to the horrible sounds of cat fighting, this time coming from the living room. I didn't even get up when Mr. C rolled out of bed to investigate. About five minutes later, though, I was up in a panic when i heard him yell out and then our house alarm go off. I bolted out of bed to find him in our laundry room white as a ghost wiping poo from his foot.

Apparently a stray tom cat had MUSCLED his way past our LOCKED cat door to get at our cat food, left a calling card in our laundry room before getting into an altercation with one of our cats and spraying his face! Mr. C had scared him off when he came in to break up the fight, and when he saw him muscle his way BACK out the (still locked) cat door, he took off after him (not sure why, but it must be a guy thing). Anyway, I guess that's when he set off the alarm, and when he came back in to turn it off, well, that's when he stepped in the poo, and that's when I found him.

Once our heart rates came down out of the 200 range, we spent the next two hours cleaning up disgusting messes, calming the baby back down after all the commotion and boarding up the cat door which now looks beautifully ghettofied just in time for Little C's first birthday party next month. Yippee.

The kicker, the stray cat apparently lives in the storm drain in front of our house (disgusting) and, if you've been following along, was IN OUR ROOM the other night when I had convinced myself it was just our cats fighting. Needless to say, once I got the image in my head of a disgusting storm-drain stinky cat slinking around our room, sleep did not come easy. ::SHIVER:: Even in broad daylight, it still gives me the creeps to think about.

This morning when we were talking about it, we both remarked that as stressed as we were from having a cat break in, can you imagine how those families that have been burglarized feel?? I mean, we did A LOT of research before buying our home and chose a very safe area, but we've had a lot of break-ins lately. Mr. C assures me it is just a sign of the economic times, but it's still incredibly disconcerting. And to all those families that have had their sense of safety and security ripped out from underneath them along with their personal belongings, my heart goes out to you.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, I never thought it would happen, but Little C is walking! It first happened on April 8th, and it wasn't anything like I imagined. I guess I pictured first steps happening with a lot of hoopla as a small child who had only just been pulling up, turns and heads across the room for something or someone. It didn't happen like that at all for us. He's been pulling up and 'cruising' along furniture for quite some time. First it was only along the same surface (like the couch), and if he wanted to move from the couch to the ottoman, he'd sit and crawl over, then pull himself back up again. After a month or so of doing this, he finally started going from one surface to another (like the couch to the ottoman) while staying on his feet, but always hanging on to something for balance. Even now, he's pretty unsteady. He wants to move faster than his legs will carry him so the top half of his body tends to get ahead of the bottom half and he crashes on his little face or at least ends up back on his knees where he'll take off crawling. But last week he turned around from the ottoman and took two steps towards me. It was such a natural progression, Mr. C and I were sitting right there and looked at one another and were both kind of amazed by our un-amazement.

He's still not ready to head out across the room, and he mainly crawls everywhere, but he goes from one surface to another, and will often let go and take a step or two when cruising along a long surface like the couch. Just this past weekend he stood, unassisted for a few seconds (much to our astonishment). I know it sounds bizarre that he walked before he stood, but he could crawl and pull up before he could sit. It's just how he works I guess :)

Well, just wanted to get a quick post in before I forgot the date. Also, today (April 13th) he cut his first top tooth! What a relief to me. He had been so fussy the past few weeks, I had been hoping it was a tooth and not the return of an ear infection (his first) he had earlier this month.

More on Little C's first Easter and our trip to Austin later, I promise...I've got some incredible shots in the Bluebonnets I can't wait to share with the Grandparents. For now, I've got to get to the gym, though. I completely fell off the wagon this past weekend!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The new (and improved) TV stand.

Childproofing 101:
Rule #1. Whatever you think is childproof isn't.
Rule #2. If you aren't sure whether it is childproof, then just assume it isn't.
Rule #3. If you aren't sure why it isn't childproof, just let your 10 month old have a go at it for about 3 seconds and you will immediately see 50 different faults with whatever it is you thought was childproof.

Exhibit A: The new TV stand.

So our old TV stand was fine...
It was from IKEA, but it served its purpose well and was fairly attractive for an IKEA piece of furniture. However, once Little C started crawling we knew we needed something new. The doors could be latched with those plastic child-lock things, but the DVR and DVD player were completely open to attack....
So when Mr. C got his new flat screen last month, I went shopping for a new TV stand with one goal in mind...protect the electronics.

Only thing is, unless you are willing to invest in blue tooth technology, you need to be able to see your electronics for the remotes to work. In other words, your DVR and DVD player have to be open or enclosed in glass. Glass makes me nervous for a lot of reasons...I just envision toy cars flying at it at 100 miles per hour, or children colliding into it. So when I saw this piece, I was ecstatic!!

You can't see it very well it the picture above, but it has iron scrolling that completely encloses the electronics while still allowing remote access AND it has these handy wooden latches to keep the doors closed!!
As soon as we got it home, though, I realized how heavy and unsturdy it was, and this was before we put a 200lb TV on it. Plus the openings in the iron scrolling are just big enough for Little C to stick his arms through, and while they aren't nearly as sharp as they look, I kept imagining the munchkin sticking his arm in a hole, losing his footing and snapping his arm off and/or ripping an artery open.

But, where there's a will there's a way! It took two trips to Babies R Us, two trips to the hardware store and one trip to a glass cutting store, but we've (knock on wood) child-proofed the TV stand for the time-being.

First, we had to saw a hole in the back of it for the cords to all the electronics to fit through (hazard of buying a side board instead of a media stand).
Then we had to strap the whole thing to the wall (TWO studs in the wall to be exact) with two pairs of furniture straps. Then we had to bolt the TV to a third stud in the wall...

And finally, four pieces of plexi glass and 32 mirror clips later, we took care of those pesky openings int he iron scrolling.

And that's just the short version of the story! I'll spare you the details of two very non-handy people trying to navigate hole saws and stud-finding.

But, the TV is now attractively displayed and (knock on serious wood) the DVR is safe from tiny fingers for the next month or so. I'm well aware those wooden latches won't last for very long, but for the time being, I'm done messing with this piece of furniture.

As an added bonus for listening to my long story, Little C will now sing the alphabet for you (well, most of it at least :).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing catch-up (not mustard)

Alright, I can't take credit for the clever was my sister-in-law's facebook status several months back and I just thought it was so clever, I've repeated it probably 100,000 times since I saw her post it. Oddly Mr. C doesn't seem to think it's so clever after all those repeats, but I still think it's cute :).

If you don't know who my sister-in-law is, I am shocked, because she is famous. Check out her interview with Fox 7 News on weddings and the economy!

Also, if you need a fantastic event coordinator for YOUR special event (in the Austin area), check out 36th street events!

Ok, enough plugging...onto the catching up (not the mustarding)! Hahahah....get it?? Get it?? Oh forget it. Here are some videos we took this past month...

First up, Carter copying the weird fishy sound Mr. C makes. He's CLEARLY a genius.

Clapping for the first time (yea yea yea, I realize most kids clap before now, but we've been busy with fishy noises, so there.)

And last, but not least...learning to walk. He's so CUTE!!!

That's it!