Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fresh Food Feeder

Just had to give props to my favorite new baby's called a fresh food feeder. We have the munchkin brand, but there is a sassy brand I've heard good things about too. Anyway, it's this kewl little contraption you can put fresh food in and let your little one gnaw away without fear of choking.

Carter's not quite ready for chicken a la king or anything, but I've been running through the gamut of different teething products desperate for something that keeps him occupied for more than 5 seconds before he gets frustrated. So I tried this thing yesterday with a slice of peeled apple and he went to town for close to 30 minutes! It was fantastic! Hands down, the best kid-item I purchased this fall.


Allison said...

wow! that is fantastic :) i wonder if they make a similar product for dogs...heheh

Kristen said...

I just talked to Mom and Dad and they both told me I had to check out your blog today! Julia loved that little mesh bag teether too; in addition to apple, mango was another fruit she liked. Have you tried those teething tablets yet? They're supposed to help with pain too. Good luck!