Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cabinet and Hutch need a good home

I've got a big piece of dining room furniture (cabinet + hutch) that needs a good home.  I love this cabinet...I bought it thinking it would be perfect in a breakfast room with my grandmothers dining table that we refinished and painted black.  It's a work horse galore.  It's safely stored ALL of my wedding china, crystal and flatware for the past four years, with space to spare.  Unfortunately we just don't have a good place for it in this house.  We're using the dining room as a study, and while we do need some storage in there, this piece is just too big for that room.  You can see, we can't even get the doors open right now. So, as hard as it is to get rid of it, I can't hang on to a giant piece of furniture in anticipation of having room for it in some future house.

It's got a really interesting, concave front to it, and it's a little on the traditional/country side right now, with the two-tone finish, but with new hardware and a coat of paint it and it could go with just about any decor.

I have no idea what to ask for it, so I'm pretty much just selling it fbo, preferably to a family member or friend so that if/when the time comes that you don't want it anymore you give us a call and let us make you an offer before you sell/donate/toss it.

The deets:
57" wide
88" tall (cabinet 36"; hutch 52")
Bottom Cabinet is 16.5" deep, Hutch is 13" deep

Give me a shout if you are interested!