Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work in Progress

We've had some big things happening around our house lately.  We replaced all but one of the windows this past week, and had a carpenter/handyman do a little bit of work including building a new mantel, removing the runner from the stairs, adding crown to five rooms, replacing lights in the kitchen, replacing the front door and adding french doors to what used to be the dining room (we are using it as a study).

In the midst of all the construction zone mayhem, Carter had to have some dental work done.  Nothing major, just a filling and some sealants, but because he's three and not cooperative with a teeth cleaning let along a drilling session, they had to put him under general anesthesia to do the work.  So there was a whole day in there that had some added stress with all that mess, but luckily Mr. C's mom was here to help with the boys and the house and just generally be amazing, as always.

I didn't really get any 'before' pics, but here are some 'progress' pics.

New windows and mantel...and a really messy kitchen table.
Room with a view, we love these big windows
New door from the inside (buh-bye leafy glass!)
New door from the outside - I love the brass hardware.
Trim in progress, still needs another piece, paint and our house numbers! :)
New french doors keeping munchkins out of the office

Last window to be replaced is the big one above the door, but it's taking longer to arrive than the rest.
Stairs minus the carpet runner.  Next step, sand and paint!

New windows/door - curb shot.

Painters arrive next week - I promise more pics when they finish!