Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanks Uncle C!

For the past few months Carter's uncle has been in Kabul, Afghanistan on a deployment supporting the Afghan Military Academy. Much to everyone's delight, not least of all his wife and two girls I'm sure, he's headed home this month!

With such a fancy gig, uncle warbucks sent a little token home to his favorite nephew during his time away. His first Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt from Kabul! No, you won't find it listed on Hard Rock's website as an actual location, but I'm sure that's just a mistake :) Carter also received an envelope with several thousand Afghanis (to start Carter's Afghan college fund of course!).

I did a little research, and as close as I can tell, the fist full of bills is equivalent to roughly 10 USD - a sum I'm sure the person or entity he exchanged with was grateful to get. What's even more amazing is, I think this is new currency, and the old currency was even weaker - if my math is correct the same amount in the old currency would have been worth only pennies. However, it seems with the recent activity in the middle east, money from the Taliban era has picked up steam and is worth several thousand times its face value to collectors and coin enthusiasts. Don't quote me on any of this, though. My research may be pretty off. Afghani exchange rate info on the web is pretty spotty.

Needless-to-say, whatever it's worth, it was a fun gift and we got a kick out of it; I know it will be a cool treasure in Carter's piggy bank when he gets old enough to understand money. And, deep pockets or not, we're praying for his safe return. I know it's been a long three months for his beautiful girls and wife, and we kinda missed him too.

Thanks Uncle C! Come home safe! And here's to hoping your time there improved the economy well enough to strengthen the Afghani, because with the rising cost of tuition and the so-so strength of the USD, we might be busting into Carter's piggy bank in 18 years or so!

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Carlton Hendrix said...

Wow, my very on post! Thanks Gina! The HRC in Kabul is permanently "closed for repairs" and the money is from past Afghan governments. Don't tell Carter, but on the streets of Kabul, it's monopoly money. But so was confederate currency at one point. He's getting so big! Can't wait to see y'all again. Be home soon! -ch