Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot (less) like Christmas.

Taking down Christmas stuff, but wanted to take a few pictures of the decorations in the tradition of our little Christmas house.  I didn't want to put a ton out this year because we were still in the throws of getting settled in, and Christmas Eve and morning were going to be at my parent's house.  I did splurge on some real garland, a few potted plants for the front porch and some gold ribbon I can use again (from the Container Store of course :).  All-in-all I liked how it came out...not overwhelming, but enough to feel like the holidays, and room to improve and add on next year.

I love our willow tree nativity.  It's risky to put it out with the kids, and I'll admit a lamb and a shepherd have had to be super glued back together, but I put the Fisher Price nativity under it to keep the kids from messing with it, and it works as a good distraction about 90% of the time.  I do occasionally walk by and notice things moved around, though, like a wise man in the stable with Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus would be hanging out over by the camel. :)

Still torn on the final destination for a tree in this house, but for this year, we hedged it into a corner to limit access to little exploring hands.

This is actually a garland I used to put on our dining table, but our dining room is becoming an office so I wrapped it into a wreath.  I liked it so well, I think I may keep it like this for good. 

The garland used to light up, but this year one of the strands went out  We opted to put it up anyway, and re-evaluate the outside lighting plan next year. Mr. C just LOVES outside lights (ok maybe not so much, but I love outside lights, so he humors me :)

I know it's a little cheesy to decorate the mailbox, but I loved it and hopefully the postman did too. :)


P.J. and Nola said...

What a good idea to put a toy nativity for the kids to mess with and destract them from the real one! Beautiful, Gina.

Angie said...

As usual, I am so impressed by the beautiful decorating in your home. Great job!