Wednesday, January 12, 2011

West Elm has it out for my New Year's Resolutions

So nothing original happening here in the way of New Year's resolutions. Save more, spend less, exercise more, eat less.  Same ole, same ole. Well, we're not two weeks into the new year, and West Elm is just tugging at my heart strings (aka my purse strings) already.  I mean, love, love, love and LOVE:

Versatile Aluminum side tables?  Yes please, I'll take 2.  One in white (which is powder coated for outdoor use) and one in silver.

These lovely pewter dupioni silk panels were something I combed the retail world for about a year ago before settling on some beautiful hand painted linen panels, and apparently I was just ahead of my time, because a year later, viola.  Thanks West Elm (not).  
They are also having a sale on their blue sage dupioni panels -  50% off with free shipping.  Seriously!  I am trying to figure out how to work them into the budget as I type. update! Port, a beautiful deep red, is now also on sale for OVER half off with free shipping.

Here's another thing I am convinced W.E. is messing with me on.  I searched HIGH AND LOW for something just like their new white slip covered sectional (that was less than 2k) before settling on a large slip covered sofa from JCP.  Alas, West Elm, I am just ahead of your time again apparently.
P.S.  The coffee table in the pic?  Yea, want that too.

I think this chair would look amazing in our bedroom, or pretty much anywhere in our house.

My new bedding obsession are pin-tucks.  I love love love this square pin-tuck bedding because it is a lot less feminine than the diamond counterpart which I also love, but less frills means it's more likely to pass the Mr. C test since he tends to veto bedding choices he thinks are girly.
Can I also tell you how much I am in love with the cowhide on the floor??  Yes, I day dream about stepping out of bed onto a dead animal, and no I'm not joking.  I'm from south Texas, ok?  Lucky for me they sell them at Ikea.

And if a brown and white cowhide is too hee-haw for your tastes, how stunning is this white cowhide????  It's more than twice the cost of the one I'm saving up for at Ikea, but soooo elegant, and in the decorator-world pretty reasonable for a rug of its size.  

I have a serious weakness for pedestal tables and this lovely with its salt and pepper wood grain is just stunning.  And the mirrored top?  Well lets just say I'll be stalking the WE site keeping my eye on this beauty in hopes of a sale.
P.S.  I am in LOVE with the paint color in this photo.  Anyone have a clue what it is??  I am picturing it our bedroom with our new white pin-tuck bedding our espresso bedroom furniture and a beautiful brown and white dead cow on the floor.  Can you see it???

If dead animal hides aren't your cup-o-tea, there are plenty of other rugs I am loving from WE like this beautiful zig zag number:
 Which is also available in Espresso:

 And this beautiful orange number:
Also available in green:

And I can't forget this yellow beauty which is also available (though much less tempting) in brown.

So there you have it, West Elm is out to single handedly trying to undo my resolution to be thrifty. Ok not really, but it feels like it some times.  I'm just having to remind myself that as much as I love all these beautiful things, I love my children more, and would really like to send them to college someday. And until then, little things like new windows and gutters are taking precedent with any cash we can eek out for the house. Guess I'm gonna have to get creative! And maybe bust out a sewing machine.  I mean how hard could a pin-tuck be? Don't answer that.


Membership Required said...

lovely choices. Would you be able to find any of those items at homegoods? Just a thought. ML

Just a small family said...

I've never been to homegoods, but I keep hearing about it. Is it over there by world market in the shopping center at 1960 and Champion Forrest?