Monday, January 17, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a weekend.

This is the what I have to keep telling myself when it comes to the ever growing list of things I want to do to the house. Here's just a slice (in no particular order)

Add crown molding in dining, powder, master bath, upstairs bed rms and baths
Add recessed lighting in master, master bath, game rm, living , kitchen and laundry
Add/move/remove light switches in living, dining, game rm, master bed and bath
Add fence extension in front
Add gutters
Replace pulls in cabinets throughout
Replace windows throughout
Paint every rm in the house
Paint and repair exterior siding
Replace upstairs carpet
Replace heating and cooling unit that are original to the house
Add insulation in attic
Add plywood surface in attic for storage
Add plywood fire block in breezeway opening
Add additional back porch light
Replace light fixtures throughout
Replace stair runner
Refinish stairs
Add pocket doors to upstairs bath
Replace or add curtain rods throughout
Remove and replace upstairs blinds
Install blinds or shades in kitchen
Install built in baby gate at top of stairs
Add a lock to Carter's door
Extend tile to the sink areas upstairs
Replace tile in master bath
Extend wood flooring into laundry and back entry areas
Replace any white quarter round with stained-to-match quarter round
Scrape ceiling texture, and paint all ceilings the same color white
Trim out windows throughout
Remove wallpaper from baths, texture and paint
Paint upstairs trim
Build desk for kitchen
Repair or replace broken cabinet hardware in kitchen and baths
Sand and touch up all downstairs trim and cabinets
Adjust trim around fireplace
Paint and reenforce mantle

The kicker is, these are all just some of the *small* projects on the list. Bigger projects include gutting the master bath and completely re-doing it as well as the kitchen.

When I look at this list I get so discouraged, especially after a weekend completely devoted to house stuff...I mean we nearly killed ourselves just to get two or three thing done before thie kids are back.

Anyway, just have to keep telling myself it will all happen, just not in one weekend.


Membership Required said...

Oh crap! You just made me want to really write down my list. Thanks Gina!

Just a small family said...

Oh no! I didn't mean to project my mania onto innocent bystanders! :)