Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where does ______ come from?

Carter has found a new favorite passtime, asking were anything and everything comes from (thankfully he hasn't asked about babies yet).
So, here's a sample of today's contestants in the "Where does ____ come from?" game.

Time Out

I try to use these questions as teaching opportunities, but I'm usually the one getting schooled.  Take the latest conversation.

Carter:  Where does juice come from?
Me:  It depends on the type of juice.  Orange juice comes from oranges. Pear juice comes from pears.  Grape juice comes from grapes. 
Carter: Grape juice comes from grapes.  
Me: So Carter, if grape juice comes from grapes and orange juice comes from oranges, where do you think apple juice comes from?
Carter:   Apple juice comes from the kitchen!

Maybe I should just take Mr. C's approach, and just tell him that everything comes from God or HEB.