Monday, January 3, 2011

One lucky little booger

We celebrated the first weekend of the new year with a trip to Austin to visit Mr. C's three living grandparents.  We decided to have dinner on Saturday evening at the Black Eyed Pea given it was New Years and black eyed peas are supposed to bring luck if eaten on New Years Day (for a really delicious way to get your yearly dose of good fortune, click here).  Plus, they were one of the few restaurants open because it was a holiday.

Well, I don't think we were the only people that had this clever idea because the place was packed and there was a 15 minute wait for a table.  Knowing it would take at least 15 minutes to load two kids back into the car and find another open restaurant, we opted to camp out and do our best to corral the kids while we waited.

They had a little display of two champagne glasses filled with uncooked black eyed peas (toasting the new year, and the prosperity back eyed peas bring and what not).  It was cute, but Carter kept playing with it.  I was so worried he was going to knock the glasses over and spill beans and broken glass everywhere, I failed to notice he had taken a few of the little peas for souvenirs when they finally called our name.

As we were walking to the table, Carter kept sticking his finger up his nose.  I kept trying to nonchalantly nudge his finger out of his nostril, but he was very insistent on keeping it lodged right were it was, and to make matters worse, the entire trek to the table, he proceeded to get more and more upset.  When we finally got situated at the table, he was in a full-on tantrum.  He kept screaming for me to wipe his nose, which I kept doing, but it didn't seem to alleviate whatever had set him off.

Carter had a runny nose for the week prior to all of this, and being prone to nose bleeds, it did not startle me too badly when all of a sudden his nose started bleeding during this chaos.  Figuring that was what had been bothering him so badly, I took him outside to try to calm him down and mop up the mess, but he just would not calm down, and I finally just decided to abort dinner and take the kids home.

Once home, the little guy had calmed down, but he was not interested in eating, so figuring he was just tired from a long day of travel and visiting, we changed him into his jammies to get him ready for bed.  As I reached for the toothbrush to brush his teeth, he flipped out again.  He kept screaming "it hurts" every time I tried to tilt his head back to brush his teeth.  All of a sudden, he let out a big sneeze, and out of my son's nose comes........yea, you guessed it.  A black eyed pea.

So, if black eyed peas are supposed to bring luck on New Yeas Day, then I think it's safe to say, Carter definitely had is one lucky little booger!!!

Happy New Year! :)

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