Monday, June 1, 2009

Waterbabies turn one!!

We had a really special birthday celebration this past weekend, almost all of Carter's little waterbaby friends have turned or will be turning one in the next month or so, and with a limited number of weekends to celebrate all these birthdays, we decided we should have one big party to celebrate the milestone. Almost everyone was there with one exception, miss Callie who now lives with her mommy and daddy in Saudi Arabia. Nature of living in Texas...everyone's either in oil or the military it seems, so long-distance friends become part of life. We sure missed our Scottish waterbaby, though, and send lots of birthday wishes her way!

This wonderful group of women has been a life-line for me during the past year and even before that! (you can read more about them here). I cherish these women and just adore every one of these precious babies - they are all just too cute - I mean, seriously, you have really never seen a better looking group of babies in your life!

And what about us moms?? We don't look too shabby either!

I mean, even in the out-takes we look good! :)

Happy Birthday everyone! We did it!

And we celebrated even more good news - with a group of a dozen first-time-moms, you just had to know these kiddos wouldn't be flying solo for too long - we are expecting our first waterbaby sibling in October and another in November! All I can say is, (thankfully) neither will be mine! :P But I promise I'll babysit anytime Wendy and Tally! ;)

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