Monday, June 22, 2009

Anniversary and Father's Day Staycation

We have been sans Little C since Friday...Mr. C's parents graciously offered to keep our little guy for us to give us a break, and an opportunity to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Even though it meant Mr. C would be without his only son on Father's Day, we jumped on it! Rule of thumb, when good people offer to take your child, let them! :)

I must admit, that was easier said that done, though. I was a sad sight when I said goodbye to my boy on Friday. I was going to be the longest we had been apart ever...18 hours was our previous separation record. A little retail therapy helped me quickly put things in perspective, though, and as much as I'm missing him, I have opted not to go pick him up early, like I was sure I would do on Friday. So, tonight is our last night of childlessness before we resume our duties tomorrow.

I wish I could say Mr. C and I went all wild and crazy with our copious spare time and went somewhere cool, but with the current economic state, we opted for a wallet-friendly 'stay-cation' to celebrate the weekend. We mainly spent the weekend relishing being able to stay up late, sleep in, eat at actual restaurants, and watch movies....A LOT of movies. I actually put all three of our Netflix in the mail today - and we just received them last week. That is unheard of around here! We also watched the ENTIRE Lonesome Dove mini-series that we previously DVR'd as well as Godfathers I and II that had been hanging out on the DVR for weeks and weeks. On top of all that, we snuck off to the movie theatre last night to see the first movie I had seen in theatres in MONTHS. I wish I could say we saw "Up" or "The Proposal" or some other undoubtedly adorable movie I would have picked out, but since it was Father's Day, I let Mr. C pick our movie selection. Three guesses as to what bachelor party themed gem we sat through. Yea, well, at least I got popcorn with extra butter, twizzlers and a sprite (Judge me not - I was on vacation remember! :)

The cherry on the Sunday? The cleaning lady came today. It was like having a hotel cleaning staff come clean up after you. The house was such a wreck when she showed up, I actually lied to her and told her we had been out of was sort of true...we definitely have been in another state of mind :)

Anywho, here's a pic of us wild and crazy freebirds after a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

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