Monday, June 1, 2009

Skinned Knee

I guess when it rains, it pours...this past week, little C busted his lip on the side of the pool and then Saturday he got his first skinned knee while we were at a friend's 30th birthday party (happy 30th birthday to Caroline's daddy!). The munchkin was a trooper, though, and recovered in no time, and was even feeling up to riding the train they had at the party (the train was one of those tractor types with the carts and had been hired for a child's birthday party across the street, but with so many kiddo's at the 30th birthday bash that were watching the train, the conductor gave our crowd a spin before he packed up!)

Here we are on the train

Here he is not loving the loud sound of the engine

Showing off his battle wounds...the healing lip and the knee.

I'm obviously going to need to start stocking up on band-aids and polysporin!

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Erica said...

the train sounds like so much fun! I'll have to remember that for our next couple get-together! My dad used to call them "battle wounds" and said they build character. ;) By the way, I LOVE your new profile pic. You always have the best ones!!