Monday, June 22, 2009

Waterbabies go to the beach!

Not really - we actually just went to Portrait Innovations to take advantage of their $9.99 special as well as their very patient staff (although you should have seen the look on their face when our crowd descended upon the place :). Anyway, 12 babies, 15 parents (give or take), some impromptu nursery rhyme singing and lots and lots of snacks, and we managed the impossible - a single shot where not one baby is crying. It was miracle and, despite the chaos, a lot of fun. I'll admit, I almost bailed at the last minute, but I'm glad we showed up, it was the FIRST time all 12 babies have been photographed!! As always, we missed our precious Callie Mac, but I'm so proud to show off all 12 of our (currently residing in the US) waterbabies!!

A special thank you to Caroline's mommy for setting everything up - you're the best Betsy!

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Kristen said...

That is a riot! What a fun memory. Hope you had a great weekend! We had a blast with little C.