Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday - a week late :)

Happy Birthday Mr. C!!! Sorry this post is a week late, but that's about how my brain is running these days. I at least remembered the big day, though!! We celebrated Mr C's birthday last Friday - Little C even sported a Hawaiian shirt in Daddy's honor (Mr. C always wears Hawaiian shirts on Friday...just one of a million reasons why we love him dearly :). Dinner was sour cream enchiladas, a C family favorite, and for dessert, german chocolate cake courtesy of HEB....only one (generous) slice, though because Mrs. C did not need any cake and she certainly didn't need any left-over cake sitting around the house. Fitting all 29 candles on the aforementioned slice might have been a tad ambitions, though. Anywho, we love you Mr. C - happy belated birthday blog!

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