Friday, May 29, 2009

Fat Lip

With the south Texas heat continuing its upward climb, I have quickly figured out that the baby pool just doesn't cut the heat some days At least not for mom. I need a pool I can cool off in too! So this week, I've been trying to take Little C to the pool at the local Y. Unfortunately it doesn't open to the public until 4pm because day campers monopolize the facility before then. I shouldn't complain, though...4pm is really the only responsible time to let my pasty English-Irish skin see sunlight anyway.
Well, the munchkin has taken quite a liking to the 'big pool', but he's a bit of a kamikaze if you let him loose on the splash pad for babies. He doesn't quite understand that walking in water isn't the same as walking on dry ground and he underestimates the resistance and ends up face down in the water. Yesterday while I was being so diligent about keeping him right-side-up, I failed to notice how close he was getting to the side of the pool before he lost his balance and tripped, smacking mouth-first into rounded concrete edge. Lot's and lot's of blood, a few grossed out lifeguards, and several minutes of screaming later, I was finally able to mop things up and survey the damage. Teeth were in-tact, face was in-tact, upper lip not so in-tact. He split it in two places. It puffed out really badly but I knew he was ok when I went for the towel in our bag and he immediately stopped crying because he saw his yogurt puffs.
So, another day, another laundry list of firsts...the first time I used a first aid kit, the first injury away from home, the first time my son's really bled profusely, and of course our first fat lip. For two small little cuts, it was pretty scary to deal with, especially as a first time mom, but thank the Lord it was only a busted lip - with a rowdy boy, I can only imagine what's in our future!

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megan said...

Oh, how scary! We haven't had any blood yet. Knock on wood. But Avery isn't walking yet either.