Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I didn't do today.

Today I didn't finish the laundry. Today I didn't do a single dish. Today I didn't do the grocery shopping that needs to be done. Today I didn't vacuum, take out the trash or sweep.
Instead I cuddled with my baby boy when he woke up. Then I took him to the doctor because his tummy is hurting yet again. Then I took him to visit his daddy, my amazing husband. Then I watched his little eyes take in the world while we took a walk on the first cool evening in a long long time. Then I gave him a bath and rocked him to sleep. And when his tummy started hurting and he woke up crying, I had the privilege of rocking him to sleep a second time.
So I'm off to bed, and the house is a mess. There is a sink full of dishes and a pile of unfolded laundry on the couch that will probably need to be rewashed after the cats spend all night sleeping on it. But I am very grateful for what I didn't do today because it gave me the opportunity to do what I did instead.


The Riddells said...

Sounds like my day today! But these days are the best. It is when you really notice every little thing about them - how they take in the world around them, the way they sat just a little better today than yesterday, how you swore you heard the first "mmm" sound come out of their mouth. Cherish these days with your little one, before you know it, Carter will be 6 months old!

The Castille Family said...

What a sweet post. Brought tears to my eyes. =) Squeeze that sweet baby, and tell him his girlfriend is excited to see him on Wednesday.

Reags said...

Love the hair! It is true - so much easier. I can even just towel-dry and go. But...love the pics of the boy. Hope you guys are well and can't wait to talk to you again soon.