Thursday, August 28, 2008

Titan Up

Well, we are officially truck owners! Stephen's '97 Ford Expedition will be leaving our little family for greener pastures (anyone need a new car??). After many many many many miles, it is time to say goodbye to the faithful gas-guzzler and welcome in a newer, shinier fuel-inefficient car! A very pretty, very nice, very large Nissan Titan!

I knew this day was coming - back when my Honda Civic bit the dust (it was unlucky number 3 in a 4 car pile-up - thank you Houston traffic), Stephen and I were scrambling around in the whopping five days the insurance company gave us with a rent car to find a new vehicle, and in those five days we had several lengthy discussions about what kind of car I should get.

The wreck was bad timing all around because we had just decided to replace Stephen's car with a smaller, more fuel-efficient SUV and drive the wheels off the aging, but still lively and fuel-efficient little civic. The wreck threw a wrench in things. The settlement wasn't enough to get a new Civic let alone the SUV we were hoping to get to replace the Expedition. With kids on the horizon (yes we were thinking kids back then :), we decided to bite the bullet and get a new car with new safety features. So, in August of '07 we bought my then-new fully unloaded RAv4. I love love LOVE my little SUV wanna-be. It's absolutely perfect for me and Carter.

With the SUV hole filled, it left Stephen wide open to get his dream car - a really big, Gina-will-never-drive-it-anywhere-because-she-can't-park-it-to-save-her-life Bubba truck.

I have tried to talk Stephen out of a truck so many times. I just can't imagine what on earth we need a truck for, but he had his mind made up. Luckily we got a great deal through a close business associate/father-in-law who seems to have a knack for putting people and vehicles together these days :) Anyway, our new truck has an extended cab, so as long as there's room for the car-seat up front, I can deal with the fact that there is a truck bed in back.

And for those of you who are curious, no, it does not fit in the garage. Anyone need help moving??

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