Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baby Olympics

In the spirit of the '08 Summer Olympics, I thought it best to do an ode to our own version of the Olympics - the Baby Olympics!

Ok, so definitely no world records broken, unless of course there is one out there for volume of spit-up in a single burp or better yet, distance of spit-up in a single burp (note the residual spit-up even in these photos). None the less, we are extremely proud :)

First event - "Sitting"

With skill and ease, he is pulled up into the sitting position by a team-mate (usually mommy).

Second event - "Standing"

This move can be done in two ways, team-mate mommy will spot him in "Standing" from the "Sitting" position, OR, he can go directly from lying down to the "Standing" pose. Note the form here - excellent!

Third and final event - "Rolling"

Yes, that's right, rolling! The complete 180 degree front-to-back roll is a recent addition to his floor routine, and a difficult move to tackle. The less challenging, but still impressive "side to back" and "side to front" rolls are pretty common floor exercises and seen often during warm up. We've gone from front to side twice now, and we are very good at that as well.
(Unfortunately the complete 180 degree front-to-back roll has proved to be a difficult move to capture on film, but stay tuned for an actual video. In the mean time, here are a few training videos.)

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Leanne said...

Too cute! The olympics can be inspiring-- I pumped up the speed on treadmill after watching the track and field events all weekend. Now I'm sore. Still working on some dates to come visit. Talk to ya soon!