Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Mommydo

What is the "mommydo" you may ask? The mommydo is the short hairdo many new moms seem to adopt within a few months after they give birth.

Before now, I just didn't understand the epidemic of short hair plaguing mothers the world-over. I mean, what is it about having children that makes you want to cut all your hair off?? Well, I'll tell you!

You see, being pregnant is GREAT for your hair - thanks to a beautiful hormone concoction conducive to growth and daily prenatal vitamins packed with folic acid, your hair becomes gloriously long, thick and lustrous. HAVING a baby, on the other hand, is horrible for your hair. Your body eventually catches on that it doesn't need to be quite as productive, and decides to make up for lost shedding-time. Before you know it, there are handfuls (and I do mean handfuls) of hair in the drain, on the floor, in your hairbrush, and on your pillow. It's disgusting, and the longer your hair, the more dramatic (and alarming) the effect.

On top of the shedding, long hair is time-consuming to maintain and style. I found myself in a pony tail day-in and day-out. Even on those rare occasions when I would take the time to style my hair, spit-up or little sticky fingers would immediately find their way into my stringy locks, and back up into a pony-tail it would go. So, I did it - yesterday I chopped it all off!

I have never had my hair this short in my life! I couldn't be happier with the length, but I'll admit the style leaves something to be desired. Somehow (as there ALWAYS is when you are making a big change) there was a miscommunication with the hairdresser - something about "a bob with no layers in the front" along with TWO pictures didn't translate. C'est la vive. It's hair, it will grow, and in the mean time it takes me all of 3 (yes THREE) minutes to wash and condition plus a whopping 10 to blow dry AND style! Woo who!

So, joining my cousin Reagan, my friend Lindy and even celebrity moms like Katie Holmes, I, along with mommies the world-over, now proudly sport the stylish and sophisticated mommydo :)

P.S. Speaking of "do's," Carter's finally getting some hair on the top of his head. He's had a little peach fuzz since day one, but we're beginning to see wisps of light brown sticking straight up on his little head. It's so cute. I don't know how well the picture captures it, but here's a shot of the hair!


Allison said...

very cute :) I'm considering chopping mine off too...even though I'm not a mommy yet! I'm getting a puppy, though...does that count? hehe

christen1925 said...

Haha that is so funny-I love the new do. As for the hair growth- its the estrogen -it keeps the hair in the 'growing phase' longer. then after you deliver and your hormone levels go back to normal,your hair falls out. The technical name is Telogen effluvium and it resolves about 15 months post partum..but your hair may never be as dense as it was prepregnancy ...ok, ok, I know I am a dork.... and bored and on call..:(

Meredith said...

It looks precious!

The Riddells said...

It looks great on you! I love my mommydo. I even went shorter this last time. Next time you see me it will be a buzz cut...