Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jack's 'first' baths

First sponge bath
Those of you that know what I'm using to wash Jack's hair will probably crack up, but those things are great for baby baths!
These next pics were actually of Jack's third tub bath, but so goes life with the second. The first two happened after some messy situations while Mr. C was out of town. Since I was flying solo cleaning up the messes, documenting the bath was the last thing on my mind.

Man, it feels like we were just doing this yesterday. Oh wait, we practically were!
Carter's first sponge bath and tub bath.

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The Riddells said...

Jack is so cute! I cannot wait to meet him! I keep trying to coordinate me and my mom's crazy schedules to find a time to come to Houston. I'll be sure to meet Jack while I am there!