Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Little C has gotten really good at identifying shapes, letters and colors with one exception, the color 'red'. He figured out the color green very early on (his favorite blankie is green), but Mr. C and I have started to notice that whenever you ask him what color an unfamiliar red object is, he initially responds 'green' or not at all. So tonight we decided to put my otherwise useless psych degree to work and conducted an experiment. We repeatedly put red and green objects in front of him and asked him to point to the green one or the red one (we mixed it up to keep it well controlled :). I will refrain from presenting you with a chart and bell curve mapping the significance (or in this case, the insignificance) of the results, but it seems that our son has a bit of a challenge differentiating between the two colors. At this young stage, that doesn't conclusively determine squat, but it will be interesting to see how it turns out. My mom's father was colorblind, but other than that, no one else (that we know of) is. Just like the whole right/left hand and eye color thing, it's fun to see what your kids end up with from the family grab-bag of genetic quirks.

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Erica said...

My hubby is colorblind. Not that this means anything, but he had similiar instances when he was little. Much easier for him to determine green than red. Something about the shade of gray that it is. It is still easier for him than red...he often gets the two confused which sometimes makes for interesting outfits. ;)