Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time Out

Carter had to go to time out for the first time last Monday at Mother's Day Out. He pushed another kiddo in his class. He's gotten very aggressive lately pushing and pulling on other kids that he feels have somehow invaded his space. He doesn't seem to be scared of pushing around kids twice his size either as I watched in disbelief while he shoved a 6 year old out of his way at Chick-fil-a the other day.

Little C also has started throwing things that are a no-no (e.g. anything 'hard or heavy'). While MOST of the times he gets in trouble, it's because he threw a toy out of frustration or defiance, but there are other times when he's just playing around. It's been a challenge to try to determine when/if a punishment is necessary because to a certain degree I know we've brought this on ourselves. Up until about a month ago, we would praise and encourage him when he would throw small balls and such, but his pitching practices started expanding to things like blocks and rocks, so we now are having to back-track and enforce a no throwing in the house rule, and a no throwing anything hard or heavy outside rule. I know it will be a good thing in the long run, because he can do quite a bit of damage even with a light weight ball, but it's just coming at a really difficult time.

The munchkin has also started down the road of undressing himself. Luckily he has not managed to get anything more than one arm out either through the bottom of his shirt, or one time through the neck (where it got stuck), but I have no doubt we will soon have a naked toddler running around. He's also gotten very good at taking his shoes and socks off, particularly when we are running late.

Of course all of this is just PERFECT timing with the arrival of a new baby around the corner. Lord beer me strength.


Jenni said...

If you have any play bats laying around, you may want to move those outside too...we have friends who's son took a bat to their flat screen plasma tv. Not a good thing!! Good luck and congrats with the new baby coming VERY soon!!!

Jennifer said...

It is probably just a phase where he is testing his limits. The best piece of advice we got when Ben was born was from our pediatrician. She reminded us that Hannah wasn't any older than she was the day Ben was born but she just seemed so much bigger. We had to remember not to increase our expectations for her just because she seemed bigger/older. Good luck with the new baby!

Erica said...

Can't wait to meet the new baby! Your pics are beautiful. :)