Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another year gone?!

I can't believe 2009 is already coming to a close! It feels like yesterday we were all preparing for Y2K, right?? And it REALLY feels like it was yesterday when we got this incredibly sweet e-mail from my mother-in-law last New Year's Eve :

This has been a very good year! As we are ringing out 2008, I'm thinking about how special this year will always be because of Carter's birth! Think of how many times Carter will write "2008", or just "08" throughout his lifetime. He's the highlight of the whole year. He's sure a precious little guy, and we look forward to being with him and y'all next week. Happy New Year!
Love, Mom & Dad

I hope she doesn't mind that I shared that. It's one of those e-mails that I want to save.

I don't know that 2009 will hold the same precious memories for Jack as 2008 held for Carter. After all, his due date was TODAY (!!), and even though he came a tad earlier than anticipated (my induction date was scheduled for the 28th), I think his arrival is still sinking in. Instead, I think 2010 will get the honor of being 'Jack's year'. So with that in mind, I'm certainly looking forward to a great year and many many happy memories that are yet to be made. Including Jack's second 'first Christmas', since this year's shouldn't really count in my opinion :)

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ae said...

That email was too sweet. I guess I have never thought of a new year that way!