Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 mos, pics, trip to Austin and wordpalooza

Carter turned 18 months old this past Wednesday and to celebrate we took some photos and a trip to Austin. The photo session coincided nicely with the fact that I am now HUGE so in actuality it was a maternity session, but I couldn't help but schedule it on the munchkin's 1.5 year birthday in order to kill two birds with one stone. Mackenzie Wheatley of chubby foot photography once again did a great job, and we braved mosquitoes and some chilly morning weather to get these among other cute shots.

As soon as we wrapped the photo shoot, Carter and I headed off to Austin to see Mr. C's grandparents. The visit was brief, but well worth the trip. Unfortunately the munchkin had been fighting off something that came to a head Thursday morning and our trip was cut short just before we got to see our favorite Aunt Bethany :(.

Despite the seemingly constant run of little viral bugs the munchkin has been fighting off this fall, his talking has really taken off. His vocabulary is quite expansive these days, considering just one month ago I couldn't even imagine him hitting the '10 words with meaning' milestone most 18 month olds hit. I figured I had to get a list together now, before I forgot and before the list gets so big I can't think of all of his words (which it may already be too late for that, since it took both Stephen and I a good hour to come up with this list which we were still adding to as I typed it up!).

Carter's words at 18 months (and his pronunciation)

Please (pees)
Pray (pay)
Amen (uh-men)
Cat/Kitty (ca/kee-kee)
Daddy (sadly still no mommy!)
Water (wa)
Milk (ma)
Banana (ba...long or just na-na)
Cookie (coo....long pause...key)
Eat (ee)
Food (foo)
Bath (ba)
Bottle (Ba-ba)
Teeth (tee)
Tree (tee)
Stick (tik)
Park (pa)
Play (pay)
More (mo)
Video (bee)
TV (tee bee)
Texas (exshas)
Night night (nigh-nigh)
There (dare)
Light (yite)
No (nah nah nah nah said while vigorously shaking his head 'no')
Paci (pa)
Moon (moo)
Car (ca)
Blue (boo)
Cow (ca)
Keys (tchees)
Bye-bye (buh-bye)
All done/all gone (gon-ga)
Apple (appa)
Happy (appy)
Cold (co)
Ball (ba)
Kick (kik)
Kix, as in the cereal (kik)
Sit (tschit)
Outside (oushide)
Shoe (schoo)
Balloon (boon)
Hat (ha)
Bib (beebp)

He's also gotten very good with sounds like "beep-beep, moo, woof, meow, etc." and with repeating the sounds of letters when we're playing with the alphabet magnets, tub toys, books, etc, but he can't really identify them yet.

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P.J. and Nola said...

So cute! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving. Hopefully, we'll all be able to get together after all the babies are born! :)