Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't want to forget...

Little C has been achieving all sorts of seemingly small accomplishments, but when I think of them all together, it's pretty impressive. Well, at least to his momma :) So I wanted to list them down so I wouldn't forget.

At 17 months, he can:
  • Eat with a spoon, although it's still a messy process (still working on forks)
  • Eat off a plate (until he's done and starts playing)
  • Eat at the table in a big chair (likes to do this for his snack-time)
  • Drink from a sippy cup and out of a straw and out of a regular cup (in the bath tub)
  • Spin
  • Stand on one foot
  • Flash-dance (we'll say 'do the feet!', and he marches in place as fast as he can like the move from flash-dance)
  • Name his belly-button, tummy, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, head, hair, and feet/toes.
  • Ride the parachute at gymboree AND wait his turn for his gymbo stamps (this is huge, we've been going to gymboree for over three months and this just started happening last week).
  • Sign, 'more', 'all-done', 'please', 'apple', 'milk', 'drink' and is very good at pointing to what he wants and vigorously shaking his head 'no' when he doesn't want something.
  • Say 'kitty', 'outside', 'gone-gone' and 'bye-bye' with moderate consistency.
  • Say 'mommy', 'daddy', 'pretty' and 'hi' on rare occasions.
  • Make the elephant noise (with arm movement), monkey noise and 'meow' for cat noise.
  • Crawl up on the couch/chairs/ottomans by himself
  • Move a chair over to the counter and crawl up on it to see what I'm doing when I'm working in the kitchen
  • Climb up and down stairs by himself (if thw steps are small enough he can come down the steps without eveing having to sit down to scoot)
  • Climb up and down ladders (with a spotter)
  • Go all over the playground equipment and down the slide at the park by himself (have to REALLY watch him to keep him from trying to go off the side of the tall equipment like the big kids, though).
  • Bring me his shoes/socks/a certain toy when asked
  • Finger paint and scribble with crayons and markers
  • Knows how his shoes and socks go on his feet and tries to put them on himself (he still needs a little help, though).
  • Can 'brush' his hair and 'brush' his teeth (needs help to actually do these things, but he likes to do it himself, when we're done).
  • Can put blocks into a square hole, we're still working on simples puzzles and shape sorters, though.
  • Can take lids off and put lids on tupperware containers
  • Can stack the rings on the ring stacking toy (not necessarily in the right order, though)
  • Can 'blow' on things, like food that is too hot, and can blow into a whistle
  • Loves to crawl on Stephen's back for pony-rides
  • Knows what it means to 'scrubby-scrub our hands' and can wash his own hands as long as I turn the water on for him and give him a little soap because he can't reach those things.
  • Knows what it means to 'shut the door' and can help me shut the fridge, shut the door, shut the dishwasher, etc.
  • LOVES dogs
  • Reacts VERY badly to mosquito bites
  • Is possibly allergic to our cats, and definitely seems to have seasonal allergies.

Ok, those last three aren't accomplishments so-to-speak, but I wanted to remember them :)

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