Friday, October 9, 2009

The best trips are the ones you don't plan.

So a few weeks back we had a rather eventful Friday for our quiet little group. A water main in our area broke early that morning and we woke up without water. We did alright for the day, but as the sun set and the water company couldn't give us an estimated time of repair completion, we decided to head to Mr. C's parent's for an impromptu visit.

With the car packed and the munchkin loaded, I grabbed a pacifier for the car trip and out of shear habit turned on the faucet to rinse it off. Lo and behold, the water was back on, but by then, we decided we were headed to Victoria anyway.

I had a million things I had wanted to get done that weekend, and with our free weekends between now and the baby's arrival quickly diminishing, it was more than a little frustrating to feel like we were giving one up, but as it turned out we didn't give anything up at all. We had a fantastic weekend; Mr. C got to watch the Texas football game with his dad instead of here by himself, Little C had a great visit with his Grammy and Grandpa, and I actually got to sleep in on Saturday! With another opportunity for a visit the Mr. C's family several months out, it was, without a doubt, the best possible way we could have spent the weekend.

The most amazing part of the weekend was that it turned out to be a family friend's last weekend as the pastor of Mr. C's childhood church in Victoria. Pastor Bill is in failing health, and so the service was more than just a celebration of his career at that church, it was really a celebration of his entire career and of his life in general. I don't personally know him well, but on the Sundays we have visited over the past few years, he's given some very memorable sermons. I know he's meant a lot to Mr. C's family and to Mr. C and it was a very emotional service to say the least. Mr. C got to take Little C up for the last children's sermon Pastor Bill did and I'm so glad that we were able to be a part of that service and join so many other in saying goodbye to this amazing man.

On our way back home that weekend, Mr. C and I couldn't help but look back at the way things played out and wonder if God didn't have just a little bit to do with our last minute trip. Maybe He's trying to show me that the most rewarding and worth-while adventures in life are the ones you don't plan for :)

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