Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. Self-sufficient

I know it's a source of great pride for a toddler to feed themselves, but it can be SO messy! I'm having to take baby steps, but I'm getting there :)

Little boxes of raisins are a big hit. He loves digging them out one at a time with his two little pincher fingers plus they kind of stick together in the box and aren't quite as bad about dumping out everywhere as crackers or cookies.

Also, we learned a GENIUS trick with the baby yogurt while visiting the adorable Reese and her mommy and daddy in Dallas. Shake up the yogurt, pop a hole in the top, add a straw and viola! Instant solution to an otherwise messy food!! It was so cute to watch Little C and his friend Reese sitting side by side in their high chairs sucking down their yo baby yogurt.

Here's to hoping simple things like getting his own yogurt or box of raisins will always make him this happy!

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