Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Getaway to Fredericksburg

Our Texas road trip started with a trip to Ikea (hey, this is Houston...just because a store is also in 'Houston' doesn't make it close by!), then it was off to Fredericksburg, TX. We rolled in just in time to check into the Camp David B&B, scope a few shops and clean up for dinner at the Navajo Grill (excellent food, but service was a miss. In fact, had we not gotten our dinner for free, I wouldn't even be mentioning them here).

Next morning we got up not-so-bright-and-early for the late service at Bethany Lutheran church (totally thought of you Bethany! :). Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Peach Tree Tea Room, and then...lots of shopping of course! We shopped til we dropped with a brief break at the Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe for this decadent mexican chocolate cake thing that was so rich Mr. C and I couldn't finish it, though we tried. Our shopping excursion ended a little early when a big rain store blew through. I normally would have been put out, but they needed rain so badly, I figured the storm was a blessing for the the area as well as our checking account, so we headed back to the B&B for a nap (yes a NAP!) and then to clean up for our second delicious dinner at the Cabernet Grill (formerly the Cotton Gin Restaurant).

Today we got up (again, not-so-bright-and-early :) and hiked Enchanted Rock. Then it was time to go home, but first we made a quick stop at the Pottery Barn outlet store in San Marcos to look at couches and rugs. No luck at PB, but we did get some good stuff for Mr. C at the J Crew Outlet across the parking lot! :)

Our next vacation sans kids will probably be in the the year 2011, if we are lucky, so with that in mind Mr. C and I just tried to enjoy each moment to the best of our ability, not inhale our food (though that's almost become second nature), and do little stuff we don't normally get to. I took time to fix my hair and make-up every single morning, and I took a bath every night. Naps and sleeping-in were a must, and we even took as few highways as possible opting for Farm-to-markets and Ranch Roads to enjoy the scenery and 'just because we could'. All-in-all, a great babymoon! :)

Peach Tree Tea Room

Rather Sweet and the wonderful chocolate thing that defeated us

Pioneer Park

Cabernet Grill

Enchanted Rock

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Kristen said...

I'm sooo glad yall had a good time! I know it was well deserved and a smart time to enjoy every ounce of together time you can. We're getting excited to see little C (and the two of you too)!