Monday, July 27, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Elephant Noises

Little C is at a very cool age right now. His personality just blossoms more and more every day and he's connecting and communicating so much more. It's very neat to watch and be a part of.

He just loves the song 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'. He does the 'itsy bitsy' hand motion and the rain, but we're still working on the part where the spider gets washed out and then the sun coming out. Still, it is just the cutest thing to see. An what's so great, is he will actually initiate the song..he'll get my attention and start making the 'itsy bitsy' motion. At first I didn't know what he was doing, but when I finally figure it out and started singing the song, you should have seen the way his face lit up! It was priceless.

Then today was another melt-your-heart moment. Since just about birth, we've been making animal sounds. He's never made any attempt to repeat a single one until today. When I make an elephant sound, I alway use my arm like a trunk and make a trumpeting sound. Today, I made the elephant sound and he repeated it, complete with the arm movement!!! He even did it again at dinner for Mr. C to see.

Seriously just a reminder to me that it's usually the smallest things that bring you those rediculous amounts of joy as a parent.


megan said...

How cute! I think it is so funny how our babies are doing the same thing all the time! Avery loves "Itsy Bitsy", but she mainly just does the spider part and sometimes the rain!

Erica said...

There is nothing better than the moment that you realize things are clicking (and sticking) in a baby's head! It's like a little halo of light shines on them and you realize that it's all sinking in and you can really interact with them. It's awesome! When we baby-sat my nephew, he was always trying to make dolphin sounds (from Baby Einstein). THAT was hilarious!