Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate + Eight season premiere tonight!

Anyone else totally pumped about this besides me?? Jon and Kate are going to talk for the first time since all the rumors started! I swore I would not watch the show anymore because I think all of those children are going to suffer from what is happening between their parents, but it's a little like a car wreck. I can't turn away. Especially with all the controversy. I think it's going to be a big let down, though....I think my day dreams about an honest face-to-face between Jon and Kate where truth finally surfaces will never be realized...seeing as they have already aired trailers from future episodes that they are both in. No no, I am 100% certain they will kiss and make up and go on with season like nothing is wrong and collect their big paycheck (all amidst the rumors that will undoubtedly continue to swirl). And yes, sadly, I'm totally aware that my fascination with this family is what fuels the fire that is destroying them.

In other news, we had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. We took a road trip to San Antonio for my niece's 3rd birthday party on Saturday (it was a dress up/tutu theme - it was precious!). Sunday I slept pretty much all day while Mr. C had some mandatory quality time with Little C, last night we watched Twilight on Mr. C's new Blue-ray player that he got for his birthday (his favorite present I would venture to say :). Then, this afternoon, we took the munchkin to our local YMCA because the outdoor pool is (finally) open!! We had so much fun, my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I did. We only stayed for about an hour, but for that hour we completely doted over every little expression and reaction and smile and laugh. I swear every other parent was staring at us like "what schmucks, just wait until they have more kids, then they'll realize what dorks they look like" but we could not have cared less. It was great to have the opportunity to be completely engrossed in one kid. As I type, Mr. C is grilling hot dogs and corn and as soon as I'm done I'll be slicing into a big delicious watermelon. And pictures?? Do you think we took a single picture?? Of course not!! Haven't you been paying attention to my other posts?? We are horrible. :)

Here are few pics from memorial day weekend last year, though - Little C was barely a week old - oh how time flies!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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