Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old Navy to the Rescue!

Thanks to Old Navy our Easter outfit is SOLVED!! Old Navy is THE best place to buy clothes for baby boys in my humble opinion. In my (limited) experience as a mom, their prices are comparable with Target and their selection of boys' clothes is outstanding compared to other stores. Granted, you have to navigate some over-the-top graphic tees (don't exactly want my 10month old sporting a skull and crossbones quite yet...), but it's not any worse that avoiding the the over-the-top cutesy type stuff at other stores. And the sales, forgettaboutit! I have a swimsuit for every age-bracket from now until little C is 2 years old because I found them on sale at Old Navy this past winter for $3 each.

For Easter, I found this adorable button up shirt on sale for $8!
He can wear it with a pair of khaki's he already has:

Yes, I know it's kinda casual, but I can't really justify spending money for the adorable plaid pant outfits with the cute argyle sweater vests that I was initially eying for his first Easter. The plaid pants would get worn once, maybe twice and it's south TX for petes sake! WAY too hot for a sweater vest. At least he can wear this shirt again with jeans or shorts. Besides, I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny is going to use the money she saved to buy the little guy these pediped sandals to put in his Easter Basket.

So, cross one more thing off my to-do list (and the Eater Bunny's)! Woo Whoo!


Erica said...

Why do they make shopping for little boys so hard? I will have to remember that about Old Navy the next time I take my nephew out for some new clothes. The shirt is super cute and I LOVE those shoes!!

Sara said...

I am with you about Old Navy! I love the place. $2.50 pair of mini pants, $6 mini jeans, $2.97 swimsuit!

Jennifer said...

Old Navy is a great place to buy boy clothes! I love those sandals.