Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing catch-up (not mustard)

Alright, I can't take credit for the clever was my sister-in-law's facebook status several months back and I just thought it was so clever, I've repeated it probably 100,000 times since I saw her post it. Oddly Mr. C doesn't seem to think it's so clever after all those repeats, but I still think it's cute :).

If you don't know who my sister-in-law is, I am shocked, because she is famous. Check out her interview with Fox 7 News on weddings and the economy!

Also, if you need a fantastic event coordinator for YOUR special event (in the Austin area), check out 36th street events!

Ok, enough plugging...onto the catching up (not the mustarding)! Hahahah....get it?? Get it?? Oh forget it. Here are some videos we took this past month...

First up, Carter copying the weird fishy sound Mr. C makes. He's CLEARLY a genius.

Clapping for the first time (yea yea yea, I realize most kids clap before now, but we've been busy with fishy noises, so there.)

And last, but not least...learning to walk. He's so CUTE!!!

That's it!

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Erica said...

He's obviously got a good teacher. ;)