Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two teeth down, two months to go.

So Little C has been keeping himself busy in my blogging absence by cutting two teeth and turning 10 months old (see how he's holding up 10 fingers in his 10 month picture - priceless!).

Yes, you heard right, we have a child with teeth! It's still kind of strange to see those little white nubs when he grins. I had gotten so used to his gummy smile, I had started to think it would stay that way forever.

The first tooth popped through while we were on vacation in Steamboat. Quite poetic too, because my niece that is exactly two years older than our little guy cut her first tooth on the same trip two years prior. Mr. C and I had actually been joking in the weeks leading up to the trip that the munchkin was waiting until we got to CO to cut his first tooth (because that's the place to cut teeth obviously!). It started as a joke, but after a while we both started wondering if it might actually happen as he was WAY past due for that first tooth. But as the days went by, we figured it was not in the cards. Lo and behold, on our last day there - voila!

I wish I could say it was uneventful and he just woke up with his first tooth, but he was up ALL night the night before moaning and crying. I don't think he slept more than an hour, so when morning came and Mr. C felt the tooth, we were actually very relieved to have something to link all the fussing to. I'll admit, though, I was a little bitter Mr. C had the honor of the first dental discovery. For the record he was also the one who little C's umbilical cord fell off for (late on that too...I think he was 5 weeks old.). It's frustrating to be in the trenches day-in and day-out and then get snubbed on the milestones, but c'est la vive.

As for the second tooth, its arrival was much less eventful, just showed up one morning about a week after we got home, but I'm still proud to say I was the first to feel that one (or at least Mr. C let me think I was...).

Teeth are an elusive thing to capture on film. I've read so many other posts along the same lines...they usually say 'so-and-so has teeth, but we have no pictures.' I finally understand what they mean, but I swore I wouldn't post a word until I had proof. So here you go....visual evidence!!

First tooth....

And the second tooth.....

They are adorably crooked. They kind of butterfly out, just like my bottom two teeth. I am not surprised at all because Mr. C and I both had braces. I know they say the layout of the baby teeth have nothing to do with how their permanent teeth with come in, but given his genes, orthodontics are inevitable. I'm not worried a bit, I'm just enjoying the milestone - two teeth down, and two months to go until the big 0-1!!!


Erica said...

What an adorable little smile! Won't be long now until he has a toothy grin :)


Sara said...

I seriously can't get over how cute he is!!!!
- Sara

Lana said...

Awwww too precious