Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuft Luv

I'm currently, and for while now have been, in love and obsessed with all things tufted.  When shopping for a couch for our living room, I had to restrain myself from getting a red leather chesterfield I found on craigslist (which lasted for about a second before some other lucky dog snached it up).  Anyway, I think the practical side of me and the not-so practical side of me have been in an uneven battle on this front because as much as I am smitten with tufted furniture, I currently own zilch - something about cat hair and kid dirt and those beautiful wells created by those beautiful covered buttons just don't seem to go together.  But lo and behold, while aimlessly surfing the web I stubbled across the perfect marriage of form and function at my new favorite online destination ZGallerie, their willow couch.
The three reversible cushions are ideal for max amount of seating and hiding dirt, the tufting is only on the back of the sofa, not the arms or the seat, so it's less likely to collect dirt and the icing on the cake....  polyester microfiber! A super kid-friendly fabric I love as evidence by the fact that my dining chairs, breakfast chairs and glider are all covered in it.  I can just picture two of these lovelies facing each other decked out with some beautiful cushions on either side of a fireplace.  Throw the cow-hide rug that I have been craving for over a year down in the middle under a big square glass top coffee table, and you are looking at my dream living room.  Now, just gotta sell our house, buy a new one and win the lottery :)

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Jennifer said...

I am going to be completely redecorating (as in tearing down walls and starting from scratch) our main floor and will need new furniture soon. I love this couch! I am afraid my kids would be too hard on it though :-( I can barely keep my dark beige walls handprint free.