Monday, September 27, 2010

9 months!

Jack is 9 months old!  He is army crawling, sitting up, babbling, taking 2 naps/day, and he's eating three meals of baby food with lot's of little bites of table food thrown in. We are trying desperately to get on a solid schedule of 4 x 8oz bottles/day, but coming from nursing on demand, we are not there yet and if Jack had his way, he would get 8 x 4oz bottles/day.

3/4 of a year old!
Carter wanted to help with the photo shoot :)
Seems like yesterday it was Carter's 9 month birthday!
We've had some big developments this month. Jack is seeing and occupational therapist from Texas' Early Childhood Intervention program for weakness and delayed development on his right side, and the other big development is Jack's pressure helmet. He has a combination of plagiocephaly and bracheocephaly.  He was in the gray area as to whether to helmet, and after a couple months of debating we decided to bite the perverbial bullet and put him in a starband helmet. He wears the helmet for 23 hours a day, and only gets to take it off for bath time when we douse it with rubbing alcohol to keep the sweaty gym-sock smell at bay. He goes in every three weeks for follow-up scans and they shave portions of the helmet off as his head grows to direct the shape of his expanding skull. We started the process a bit late, so there's a chance he could be in the helmet for up to 9 months, but because his case is very mild, we are extremely hopeful it won't take that long. He adjusted really well and doesn't seem to mind it too much, but it is so hard not to be able to snuggle his little head under my chin and in the south texas heat, it's definitely not the most comfortable thing to wear all day long!

Another shot of our happy boy - what a blessing you are!


megan said...

Jack looks so cute! Did it come in blue or did y'all get it painted? Avery's Doc Band only came in white, so I had to add a rinestone tiara and some pink butterfly decals to make it girly! Isn't it funny how they don't mind having it on their heads!? Avery actually wanted it back on whenever we would take it off. Good luck! He looks adorable!

We're just a small family of said...

Thanks...I tell him every night that only the cool kids wear helmets :) The starband came in a bunch of colors, and I just picked something I thought would match most of his clothes :)
So how old is Jake now?? I can't believe our babies are closer to 1yr than birth. Where has the year gone?!