Thursday, March 18, 2010

Falling in Love

Sorry for the blogging absence. Laziness, and nothing more is to blame.

So what have we been up to? Not a whole lot other than completely falling in love with our little family of four. Jack is such an integral part of our family unit now, I really can't imagine life without him. He is THE sweetest baby and I just feel so lucky to be his mommy. Carter is just a phenomenal big brother and I can't wait to see their relationship blossom.

It's amazing how much I love Jack and how all that love doesn't take away even in the slightest bit from my love for Carter. I could never have imagined how my heart would just grow to include Jack, but it has, and what's strange is how much more I love Carter for being Jack's big brother.

As much as God gives you all the room in your heart you could possibly need to love another baby, I have found that He doesn't do the same with the hours in the day. I think the hardest adjustment from one to two kiddos has been splitting my time between them especially with them both being so young and needy. If I could double my days to devote all of myself to both of them, I would gladly do it, but instead, I find myself constantly having to choose who needs my help and attention more. And every time I am with Jack, I find myself missing Carter's cute sense of humor and his budding communication skills. On the other hand, every time I am with Carter, I find myself missing the simplicity of Jack's needs and his cute cuddly easy going baby personality.

My greatest joy comes from those moments when they are effortlessly interacting and I don't feel like I'm having to choose - when Carter is making Jack laugh and laughing in response to his new found audience, or when they are both mesmerized by bubbles. I'm getting better about finding ways to keep one occupied/distracted while I attend to the other, but it is definitely a challenge.

Ok, enough talk, here are a few pictures of my boys! :)

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