Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 Star Weekend

We've had a string of 6 travel weekends that actually started back in February with my friend Christen's Bachelorette Party weekend and what a weekend it was! Carter stayed with Grammy and Grandad while Mr. C, baby Jack and I headed to Austin.

We kicked it off with a much needed date night Friday at Flemmings Steak House in the Woodlands (courtesy of a gift certificate and an amazing Grammy that provided childcare!)

Saturday was filled with fun visits from Aunts and Uncles at Grandmommy's and Granddaddy's (who played the French Harp for baby Jack!),

Jack with Grandmommy

With Aunt B and Soon-to-be Uncle Joe :)

While the boys were busy visiting, I was busy supporting the bride-to-be lunching and shopping at the Domain :)

Then we all met back up for a visit to Grandma and Papa

Then it was off to our hotel to check in.

We were able to use some points we had accumulated on an anniversary trip some years prior to score an awesome room at the Hyatt. We didn't just have a good view of downtown Austin, we had THE view (this photo was not doctored, I swear!)

The concierge even brought Jack his own baby toiletries when they brought up the pack-n-play! Talk about the life!

Of course, I dragged myself out of our luxury digs long enough to enjoy a fun dinner and night out with the bride-to-be and the other amazing bridesmaids :)
We wrapped the weekend up with an amazing lunch with my dad's sister and her family where we made the swap back in Houston to retrieve Carter.

Such a fun weekend, and Jack was the perfect travel buddy! Special thanks to Mr. C for watching the little guy while I went out with the lovely ladies.

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