Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet reminder

Since Carter started eating solids, we've always tried to make a table prayer part of our meal time routines. Doesn't always happen and when it does, it's usually about halfway through his meal since we tend to get him going while I finish getting the food on the table. But, all that aside, the munchkin has definitely picked up on the praying, and we had a really memorable moment the other day.

We were all having lunch together, and as usual he was well into his meal by the time Mr. C and I sat down with our food. Once we were all seated, Carter stopped eating and looked at us with hands folded and said, "pay??". We both (mid-bite) realized we hadn't said our table prayer yet, so we put our forks down to pray and when we were finished, Little C enthusiastically echoed us with a cheerful, "uh-men!" before returning to his lunch.

I know he does not fully grasp the concept of our table prayer just yet, but it was so sweet to be reminded by our toddler to say our prayers. :)


Ali and Eric said...

ahhh, i LOVE this!

The Riddells said...

oh i just love this story! we need to start praying at every meal...