Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, I never thought it would happen, but Little C is walking! It first happened on April 8th, and it wasn't anything like I imagined. I guess I pictured first steps happening with a lot of hoopla as a small child who had only just been pulling up, turns and heads across the room for something or someone. It didn't happen like that at all for us. He's been pulling up and 'cruising' along furniture for quite some time. First it was only along the same surface (like the couch), and if he wanted to move from the couch to the ottoman, he'd sit and crawl over, then pull himself back up again. After a month or so of doing this, he finally started going from one surface to another (like the couch to the ottoman) while staying on his feet, but always hanging on to something for balance. Even now, he's pretty unsteady. He wants to move faster than his legs will carry him so the top half of his body tends to get ahead of the bottom half and he crashes on his little face or at least ends up back on his knees where he'll take off crawling. But last week he turned around from the ottoman and took two steps towards me. It was such a natural progression, Mr. C and I were sitting right there and looked at one another and were both kind of amazed by our un-amazement.

He's still not ready to head out across the room, and he mainly crawls everywhere, but he goes from one surface to another, and will often let go and take a step or two when cruising along a long surface like the couch. Just this past weekend he stood, unassisted for a few seconds (much to our astonishment). I know it sounds bizarre that he walked before he stood, but he could crawl and pull up before he could sit. It's just how he works I guess :)

Well, just wanted to get a quick post in before I forgot the date. Also, today (April 13th) he cut his first top tooth! What a relief to me. He had been so fussy the past few weeks, I had been hoping it was a tooth and not the return of an ear infection (his first) he had earlier this month.

More on Little C's first Easter and our trip to Austin later, I promise...I've got some incredible shots in the Bluebonnets I can't wait to share with the Grandparents. For now, I've got to get to the gym, though. I completely fell off the wagon this past weekend!!

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Erica said...

Funny how those things just seem to happen. Can't wait to see the pictures in the blue bonnets and hear about Austin. I love Austin.