Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little privacy?

When Mr. C is home to keep an eye on the boys, I get to enjoy a rare treat.  Closing the door.  It's a little thing, but since there is not much (see: 'none', 'never', 'pipe dream') alone time with kids around, closing the door is a cherished luxury.

In an attempt to set up a few boundaries, we've been working on the concept of "privacy" while potty training.  But, when I first offered Carter some privacy to do his business, it became clear he thought I was offering him some super special treat he was going to get in lieu of an m&m.  To no avail I tried to explain (in toddler-terms) that privacy is a state of being alone, not an object or thing, but it all went over his head.

So, when Carter waltzed into the restroom I was occupying this evening, I decided to seize the moment.

"Mommy would like to have some privacy" I told him before gently nudging him out the door and locking it behind him.

"Ok mommy!" he shouted through the closed door before running off.

"That was easy" I proudly (and prematurely) thought to myself.

Two seconds later the doorknob was rattling.  "I brought you some privacy mommy!" he was shouting enthusiastically through the door.

Finishing up, I open the door to see Carter proudly holding out a bouquet of colored pencils.
"Here you go mommy!  Here's your privacy!"

"Um, thank you?"  What else could I say? I'll take whatever privacy I can get these days.

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