Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jack Jack and more Jack

I just love this little guy.  He just hit 15 months and it's blowing my mind how quickly the months are flying by.  Recent developments include, but are not limited to:  showing attitude (yes, my sweet easy going guy is giving me some major 'tude these days), babbling in THE most adorable fashion, saying "buh-bye" "hiiiii" and "uh-oh" and blowing raspberries with tremendous frequency.  He has cut three molars, bringing the teeth total to 9 soon-to-be 10 with two more bottom teeth poking through any day now.  We're cruising a little, but not as much as I would like, crawling or knee-walking is the main way we get around.  A trip to the grocery store is not complete without Jack flirting with and charming the pants off of every person he comes into contact with, and being called a 'beautiful little girl' at least once due to the fact that I refuse to cut his lovely locks (on top of the fact that he really is a beautiful baby).  He's a huge daddy's boy and cries when daddy leaves in the morning and shrieks with delight when daddy gets home.  I won't lie, it hurts my feeling a little, but I also love seeing the bond those two share.  We're about 70% weened off the bottle - he still takes one in the morning and after nap and occasionally one before bed.  He's pretty consistent about waking up at 7:30 (30 min before Carter), and I love our morning time together before big brother gets up.  He's a picky eater...dislikes include all vegetables, berries, citrus, and yogurt (staples in our house) so it's kinda throwing me for a loop.  He loves to swing, and his favorite books are currently 'goodnight moon' and 'I love you through and through.'  He's a paci-aholic and soothies are his drug of choice, and we take full responsibility as enablers of this addiction.  He can blow on a recorder and stack a few wooden blocks, and 'sing' into the toy microphone.  He likes playing with cars and the car garage. He's also a pretty good shot on his fisher price basketball game.  Turning the light 'on' and 'off' is a favorite pass-time, along with squirming during diaper changes to the point I've had to move things to the floor so I can pin him down with one leg to take care of business.  I'm sure there's more, but it's so late, my brain is barely functioning, and the cat just threw up on the rug, so here are a few of the many pics piling up on our hard drive.  

Just chillin' in the swing.
Love this little guy!!
See the attitude??  I'm not making it up!
Missing daddy.
Squirmy McSquirmersons
Playtime outside when dad gets home is our favorite time of day!
Sippy cup!
15 months already?!?!

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